Frequently Asked Questions

A. Can DELA TILE just install material such as tile or wood if it's provided by the customer?

Yes, we can provide labor only if that's all your project needs.  Most of the time, customers are able to save money and time by purchasing renovation materials through us and allowing us to do the installation and renovations.

B. Can customers just buy the material only from DELA TILE?

Yes you can come into one of our showrooms and speak with a sales associate to create an order for any tile, wood, stone and granite product we have in our showroom.

Again, typically customers tend to save more money by purchasing both the material and labor through DELA TILE.

C. Does DELA TILE handle plumbing and electrical work?

We work with a trusted network of plumbers and electricians that take care of any needed electrical or plumbing needs.  They work with our field crew directly to handle any rewiring or hook-ups as needed.  You are also welcome to bring your own plumber or electrician as well without issue.

D. Can you give a proposal quote based off of a ballpark number of square feet for needed material such as granite for countertops or tile for floors?

We will be able to only provide a guided estimate for what a project might cost.  We will have to factor in things such as waste (for example tile and wood need to be cut to fit a hallway or certain corners to get the overall pattern to match) and understanding if a job can be done with 1 slab or granite or if multiple are involved depending on the character of the movement and color as well as the specific granite slab sizes on hand.

E. How long will a renovation take? 

Each project will have it's own material and labor requirements so we really need to sit down and speak with our customers to understand the full scope of the work needed.  On average, we are able to complete granite countertop renovations within 72 hours.

F. How long has DELA TILE AND STONE been in business?

We have been operating since October of 2000.  We started out as a modest shop selling tile only and have since expanded to carry a wide range of home renovation materials as well as develop a professional full time team to carry out the fabrication, fitting and installation of material.  We have worked on literally thousands of homes and small businesses for their renovation needs.  Our full time team has developed a unique expertise to handle pretty much any renovation challenge.